challenger 2017

After a high-profile recall of over 1 million vehicles due to a design flaw associated with the shifter used with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, Fiat Chrysler probably felt it was in the clear as far as rollaway risks were concerned. Unfortunately, FCA is now recalling 2017 Dodge Challengers with instrumentation that might erroneously indicate the vehicle is in park — creating another potential rollaway hazard.

The affected vehicles have 5.7-liter V8 engines and eight-speed automatic transmissions. In total, Dodge expects the necessary fix to pertain to 7,802 vehicles in the United States, 390 in Canada, and 119 more outside of North America. 

According to Automotive News, drivers of the vehicles can shift the vehicles into park while the motor is running without the vehicle’s brake actually engaging. Affected cars may even indicate via the shifter and gauge display that the vehicle is in park, without it actually being so.

Since all modern Challengers are outfitted with software that automatically places the car in park when the engine is stopped, there have been no reported incidents. However, a driver who stepped out of the vehicle while it was still running could be forced to go chasing after it.

FCA said in a statement it is also unaware of any injuries or accidents related to the problem, adding that the recall is unrelated to any previous campaign — including the seemingly similar one from 2016.

[Image: FCA]